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11 August 2014 @ 11:07 pm
I wonder if I knew I was going to be such a boss someday when I was back in HS, probably not since I had no idea what I wanted to do. I bet 10 years from now I'll think "jesus, what narcissistic bitch I was" .. fuck that, no I won't.

So of course my interview went spectacularly (did I ever have a doubt?). I'm set up to go into the office (which is in a TOWER in downtown Sac) on Monday! I guess back in band practice that one time our choreographer said we were going to be "business men" it was really true, at least for me, the rest of those bitches are probably knocked up and divorced by now...

Quitting smoking is a battle, I guess I had some kind of anxiety attack this morning and left work at like 10:45 to go do the noon interview. I just had to get out of there, after the interview was over I felt a shitload better, but I don't think I was nervous about that. The anxiety comes in waves, it's weird. I discovered tonight that cooking and sipping wine while listening to country music is extremely soothing; it was awesome.

So I headed back to the office to cryptically inform Dwight (this character will likely change daily depending on the events of the day) of the news. We were very cryptic today. Had our usual company trash session directly out side of the door and then I went back to redirecting and avoiding any work that came my way. If I can put off Engageone for another like ... 21 days "that'd be great." I did end up doing some work, I had reached out to everyone, including Dwight who's supposed to be assistant TO the regional manager, no one could answer my questions so I had one of my minions look into it. After about 5 minutes of sassy lip smacking we found an answer. Stars for all I say. I have the minions on a "star system" at work, sometimes it's used for positive reinforcement but is subject to change to a demerit system at any given moment; the count of stars one has is not reflective of the change.

I guess I'm seen as a mean person in the office, I have no idea why. They were bringing around a new fellow today and introduced me like "that's Kayla, she's ... really mean" "yeah .. don't talk to her..." I find myself to be delightfully assertive, anyone who disagrees can have a star. I really feel like Jim Halpert even more, I received a bottle of 151 today and I am going to keep it at my desk for a special occasion. I remember that one episode where Jim keeps the small bottle of champagne in his drawer for when he lands that big sale. I just need a Pam...

I made a mistake of going to Whole Foods after work, that place is just a breeding ground for rich hippies. Everyone knows that everything is organic at that store, do they really need to fucking specify "organic toilet paper" on every fucking item? I had wanted to take advantage of the butchers there but they didn't have the chicken I wanted. Almost bought a bar of oatmeal soap before I realized what the fuck I was doing and left. Oatmeal soap!? Get a load of this guy...

I love Safeway, they had a bunch of different teas on sale so I bought a few boxes, also got my chicken that I had to butcher myself, oh well.

I'm going to attempt True Blood again this evening, the torrent I got last night was bad...assholes.

I'll leave future me with the following photo of Oreo and Drogie together, a pretty rare occurrence.


-Gossip Lady
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10 August 2014 @ 10:44 pm
After going back through the entries from what look like the second semester of junior year (I am saving freshman year for when I REALLY need a laugh) I realize I was basically "Gossip Girl." It's one of my all time favorite shows (I'm watch the entire series for the 3rd time all the way through currently). The only thing missing is that only a few people read my "blasts." Regardless, it's a pretty fucking sweet comparison.

This was a nice weekend, much more relaxed than normal which was good. Yesterday was funny, went to lunch with Vinodh and his Arch-Enemy whom we'll call "A" in the spirit of Vinodh's nicknames for people (their initials). It was sad to see him go but my dieting will be more successful with his departure. Plus I've got a friend on the other side of the world now so that's pretty cool.

This morning I woke up after an inappropriate dream and realized my bedroom sucks so I randomly and impulsively head to IKEA with no plan. Actually, I'm pretty sure what really happened is I just wanted to check out IKEA so I decided that's what I was going to do. Anyway, I ended up being trapped inside. I went in the entrance and you have to take this escalator up, I noticed there wasn't one coming back down but I just decided to throw caution to the wind...yolo right? So I wander through the maze of shitty uncomfortable looking couches and mirrors and flimsy bed frames. I arrived at the escalator again, I was afraid I'd have to try and run down it or that perhaps IKEA is really some kind of concentration camp where they make you put together furniture before you can leave. I saw some stairs and descended them...no exit in sight. Just as I was going to panic I saw some lamps I liked and realized that I needed a lamp for my living room. The light in the fan burnt out last week and buying a lamp was more efficient than replacing a bulb in an existing light fixture in my apartment. I saw a nice picture and then realized I should have grabbed that end table up stairs and then I could do something to my room. So I went against the flow of people (huge mistake ... if you see something you might want in IKEA just put it in the fucking cart - there's no going back) to the upper floor, found my end table and returned to my other belongings. Some asshole had taken my things out just to use the cart so I had to again go against the flow of people again to get a new cart. Once I had added the perfect number of items to the cart an exit finally appeared! Another lesson, don't go to IKEA just to "browse" - they will never let you out.

Back in Roseville I grabbed a few things at walmart including lamp shade for the second lamp I bought for my bedroom, I didn't like the lamp shades at IKEA, apparently walmart has a better lamp shade collection. Finally made it home and had to make a thousand trips to and from the car to bring everything in. Fought with Drogie about whether he was going to be outside or inside and then got to work. I feel rather accomplished today! My room looks sweet, it's officially a vampire den or some kind of "red room of pain" minus the pain :\



I also texted with Jason a little bit today. We're going on another date on Thursday, this time to play pool. I strategically chose Thursday because this is the day Bill Lumbergh has planned an office drinking night, which means he won't be around to ask me to work late. He asked if he wanted to meet me there or pick me up for it, I also strategically chose to meet him there, I have more class than that these days. However, I realize if things go well there will be a third date, I guess you kind of have to put out on the third date. Gandalf says I'm just doing this to get my mind off my one true love, stickarms. I don't think stickarms is meant to be and if it was it would have happened. Gandalf is wrong.

Tomorrow I have my second phone interview with a new company, hopefully it goes well and I get to wear the new suit I just ordered online to an in office interview next week. We'll see!

Going to go watch True Blood in my new vampire den, how perfect!

-Gossip Lady
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So I've "re-vamped" the page, in hopes that this will make me keep it updated. I realize I was such a gangster back in the day! What with all the gangster references, I, of course, left the comment functionality intact, so the link that says "Real Compton City G's" (Corrected the apostrophe) will always be used for comments, even into my 50's.

I guess the purpose of this should be to fill in the gaps! I think I'll just update where our characters are now, the old characters probably won't be mentioned too much from here on out as there is a new cast! And yes, the new cast will be given belittling nicknames that will never be revealed.

Amy/Gandalf: Still obsessed with Eric Merlin and has taken up residence with him, she's somehow managed to obtain a master's degree from an accredited university (congrats!) and is about to begin a journey to the other side of the world to "make it a better place." I'm pretty sure she'll just spill things and be a general mess, but we'll see what happens. I'll continue to refer to her as Gandalf for old times' sake. Oh, and she's STILL IN CORTEZ...for now.

Heather/Heater: Heather also somehow managed to create a successful life for herself! This one was the most shocking of course (joking! :) ). She is down in the ovens of Arizona being a professional stylist and working on her very own basketball team of children. She has 2 currently and I won't be surprised if there's another one on the way.

Clair/Klaire: Not so sure on this one myself but I can update her story with all the gossip I've heard from the a fore mentioned cast members. She's moved to las vegas and various parts of Colorady, I want to say she's back there and has a man and a kid. This would most likely be the typical HS reunion story.

Drew/Drew The Dumpster Dweller: I honestly found no nicknames for him that didn't include his name, I did however, find my wonderful rendition of the Odyssey where he was some kind of monster who dwelled in dumpsters. He is still a loser I'm quite sure, he was up in Washington this whole time, however, he recently relocated to Texas to start over. I snap chat with him occasionally, we like to make up fun stories about Gandalf.....Gandalf doesn't know.

Eric/Merlin: I didn't write much about him back then, but I feel he should be updated since he's still in our lives. He is, surprise surprise, a band/music teacher in Montezuma County. He's shacked up with Amy for the time being. We're facebook friends...

Miguel/Maverick: We're friends on facebook. Looks like he's married a juggling lady and lives out here in Cali, maybe I should rent a pedofile van to go visit him in!

Myself: Saving the best for last, obviously I'm a major success. I'm living out in California like a true Gangsta and working as a Software Engineer. I went to college and all that jazz, have a few new friends out here who I still laugh and joke with just like the old crew. The entire journal will be about my life so I feel like this is enough.

Anyone else I wrote about didn't really matter all that much I'm sure.

So here we go, I've changed the color scheme to suit my new tastes, even made a new icon! I know 10 years ago I would have hated the theme I went with. I'm not doing any "custom css" or creating icons for anyone else so suck it.
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09 August 2014 @ 12:12 am
Bow Down Bitches....

Yeah I'm back, I think this time I'll really try to keep the diary updated. Hopefully in another 10 years I can come back and laugh at everything I wrote like I did tonight at all the previous posts!
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07 January 2006 @ 01:24 pm
well, i dont see the point of this but, i want to update with something, i guess

ummm...my life's changed...which is why i deleted the last 25 entries or so, but everything's all good. im not stoner anymore. but apparently im an "alcoholic" because i sit at home at night and get drunk alone and i guess that's bad. but whatever, it beats smokin weed. i now live in a g-fish mansion and i work two jobs and i am finished with highschool. yet im still always broke. but yeah, things are all in order now and im going to get this stupid computer fixed because i miss making photoshop creations.

i guess i will talk about yesterday, i have begun correspondance with yma and she is coming over to the mansion tonight after work. umm, yesterday jay called me and surprised me that he was in town, i never get to see him, which is pretty shitty. but we just went to the dmv to get his liscense changed from california to colorado (i have no idea why ANYONE would do that) and he got new liscense plates and shit. he wouldnt give me one of his old california liscense plates, it sucked. i wanted to start a collection. anyway, i had to go to work. after work i got home and slammed half a bottle of vodka and scott schamp and these 2 girls and jay came and picked me up and we went to this party at brenden baker's house...weird...and jake and jenny brought their, like, 10 day old baby to the party, that was weird. and we hung out there for like 15 minutes and i talked to dustin fowler...that was weird too...and then me and jay went to stay and jenny and jake's house and they all got home like, an hour later. and i couldnt sleep and we had to leave at 8 this morning and i got home at 830 and jay went back to work, but i get to see him next weekend because he is going to come and pick me up and im going to the middle-of-nowhere utah for a week. and then i get back and in a week i will be 18...finally, i wont need a "cigarette buyer" so yeah, that's my life.

if anyone reads this...the few entries before this one are....hilarious....i laughed so hard reading them. so im going to start updating this more so i can look back and laugh, and always come back and delete if needed.
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31 January 2005 @ 10:20 pm
i had the best birthday of my life...

it was so cool! everyone was there. saturday was awesome, i got up and my mom was all being nice and all that...she bought a truck sometime while i was asleep on friday (i dont know when or why or how or where) but yeah...its a 2004 mazda truck...brand new...bitch...anyway, i get her old car now...YAY!!!!!!!...so she let me drive it all day, i went and picked up abel at like 11, then we went to my house and smoked some weed, then we hung out for awhile and then we figured we should bring the alcohol my mom bought me over to james's. so we did that, then we went back to my house. we ate something that he made, i dont know, it was good though. then he did my hair...it was great. he blow dried it and then straightened it with the little straightener...it was hilarious, i bet he looked like a fag. it was fun though. then we just hung out at my house until like 530 and we headed over to james's. right as we got there amy and clair and jason showed up, it was great. then we went in and drank a little bit and then left to go return my mom's car and buy soda at city market. we saw anna there. then jason and amy came and picked us up at my house and we went back over there. at some point cory showed up, then margaret, then colt. colt was all nice, it was nice. then kelsey and derrick showed up. me and amy and clair and heather and margaret had a girls only pot smoking session, that was pretty cool. then i went downstairs with abel. then kelsey and derrick showed up and we all hung out in the basement. kelsey pierced her belly button again. maverick was also there at some point. then we went to mcdonald's in derrick's car and ate some food. T and that ducky kid were there. then we went out to chance's house. keith and brett were there, keith was nice. then we went back to the party and me and abel went to sleep in the basement at like midnight. then we woke up at 430, then james and heather woke up at 530...i heard them...then we had to get up at 845 for the arby's meeting. it sucked...me and abel drank a bunch and smoked a bunch before we went...that really sucked...anyway, then me and abel and heather and james and cory all hung out for the rest of the day, it was fun. we played worms and stuff. umm..and i guess that's all...oh and im going to put the pictures that are on jason's blurty on here because i like them...oh yeah, and they are gonna be huge because its like 11:15 and im not in the mood to make them smaller...

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17 November 2004 @ 09:36 pm
A place where they keep the dead. But that's the
thing about you--you would not mind that. You
are comfortable with almost any situation and
adjust quite easily when things are changed or
different. You are barely ever angry or
irritated, and many people like that smooth
characteristic in you. You believe in not
complaining about the small things in life, and
making the most of what you have. That
definitely makes you a fun person. There are
not many like you. Have a Happy Halloween,
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13 July 2004 @ 08:45 pm
beelow aint nuthin but a bitch...bitch!

lol, compliments of heather. well, nothing has really happened except work and grand theft of stuff and yeah...

work has gotten easier though, i can actually hear people in the drive thru and push the buttons at a decent speed. and i get to do the "graveyard shift" (sorta) so i dont have to put up with the dragon lady bitching at me all day like heather does. at night there are only 3-4 of us, but from now on i think it is just going to be me and anna and cody. and all i have to do is clean, there arent as many customers as there are during the "lunch rush" so its cooler. and i get a smoking break even though i dont smoke. and heather is like shane's little puppet...shane is the new puppet masta! lol! he is like "heather!" and then does the finger thing. it was hilarious. oh yeah, and heather also works with this wigga from tacoma. and "his girl is pregnant" or whatever he told heather...ahh! "when a man loves a woman" is playing on tv! wow, reminds me of a certain sandwich. anyway, yeah...we have a new g fish, nancy, mark twain, and wigga! maah, lol.

yesterday we made a grand theft and i was the get away driver of the pedofile van. and i grabbed maverick's hair and screamed about blocks of wood and amy was shaking him violently, it was hilarious. and oh my god!!! maverick and juan are step brothers!!! it was shocking news!!!! lol, its really weird. its like the movie twins...juan is arnold swartzene... and maverick is danny devito! lol! god, i have to watch that movie now.

maah, anyway, i guess that is all. i dont have to work until next sunday! yeehaw.

get the hell off my bus!
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god! if i have to say that one more time ill shoot someone...

well, beside the bum death threats everything has been going okay...i finally have a job, it is very exhausting and harder than it looks...i never wanted to work in fast food but i ended up working at arby's! people are obnoxious.

yesterday was our first day and me and heather look retarded in the little outfits, it's hilarious! we have to wear these stupid hats! i hate the hats!! no hats! and the aprons!! the aprons are retarded! maah. so today we went in at 10 and had to sweep and put stickers on salad lids and i had to prepare this disgusting shit for the new "chicken salad sandwich" which is sick! it has grapes! and mayonaise! and lettuce crap. and its sick! maah. then i helped heather do dishes then it was time to actually "work" as in..with customers. or "guests" as the gay ass training videos call them. and the boss lady told heather to go with genny and do counter and i was supposed to wait for some "shane" character to get there so i could do drive thru with him. and so the shane character got there and it was...the psycho kid!! it was great! i was all happy. so we had to drive thru and i had to have Blo show me how to put on the headset thingy and then shiny shane showed me the register and god! he is such a pro! he is just like "thank you for stopping at arbys may i take your order?" and he is all fancy! and one time he was like "here's the martha stewart salad!" it was funny. and heather had to clean the lobby place. so slowly i would have to do more and more things until i was finally doing it by myself. so i had to actually talk on the headset thingy...it was scary. i was just like "umm...welcome to arbys' can i take your order..." and every single time you have to fucking ask if they want arbys sauce, horsey sauce or ketchup!! it sucks!! maah! lol. so yeah, that was the first day of working, sort of. well, im tired so i guess i am done doing this now.

and thats all

oh yeah, i talked to jackie on the phone today, it was cool...
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03 July 2004 @ 10:30 am

god! yesterday/this morning was so fun! it was full of mo-les-tation and fun. so yesterday i went and got donuts and gas and fetched heather, we came to my house then clair came over, then gandalf showed up. we were making the stupid "doll" thingies. then me and clair went to watch heavyweights. then we ordered pizza and ate it and then my mom finally left...oh and amy also left sometime in between this time. then we called up maverick and woke him up. we forced him to come over to my house...

he pulled into the driveway...his biceps were bulging, along with something else in his pants...

maverick entered the house, greeted by clair, unknowing of the surprises that lay ahead. he goes into the whore room number one where heather the whore is waiting for him. her biceps are also bulging. so, we lock the two of them in there and heather starts playing video games and maverick says, "it's foreplay!" it was funny. then after we were done playing "whorehouse" we decided to head down to the handi-mart in maverick's pedofile van...and i got to drive.

i pulled into the parking lot, we awaited maverick's return with our supplies...

so maverick came out with a magazine...playgirl!!!! he looked like such a fag! it was so hilarious! and we just spent a few minutes throwing it about the van and screaming, it was so funny! then we went to my house and i made maverick drive again and me and heather took pictures and put them up to the window for other cars to view. then we went back to my house and got beverages, then we started reading some "erotic encounters." maverick read them in 'the voice.' it was so hilarious. and in every single one it is like "and i noticed his bulging biceps" and you know right then that they are gonna fuck. it was so hilariously disgusting. then we went and fetched amy and she saw the magazine and freaked out, it was funny. then we read "mountain high." then we went to my house and read "speeding" which was hilariously unrealistic. this chick got fucked by a cop! and he had bulging biceps. then after we were all porned out. we all went in, then everyone left except me and they went to maverick's home to get movies.

as they slowly crept back into the driveway, not disturbing the neighbors, they came in...carrying...videos...

maverick was all obsessed with pulp fiction and we never watched it. and they brought bowling for columbine to watch and i was watching it on tv. then he realized that he had forgotten pulp ficton so me and clair and him went to his sister's friend's house to get south park season 3. (pulp fiction was left in the pedofile van) then we got it and we were sitting in the car and all of a sudden juan pops in the car and is like "So what are you ladies doing with miguel" and we just laughed and he was like "nevermind...i dont want to know..." it was scary. then maverick came back with this angie lady who wanted to meet us, and she told us not to drink or get drugs...but she never said no porn, haha. lol, then we drove around for a long time and we "dragged main" listening to 50 cents! it was hilarious! because it came on the radio and i turned it up and turned up the bass and it was 'in da club' and we were in a pedofile van! it was great. then we went to the cemetery and it was midnight. maverick carried me over the threshold that didnt exist. then i carried him over the road, and he carried clair to the car. it was fun. then we got back to my house at 1230. i carried maverick through the door and then dropped him on the floor. then we were all bored so around 1 o clock we decided to head out to denny's. heather and amy drove...they both sat in the driver's seat. it was funny. and maverick laid down all the seats in the back so it was like a gigantic bed thing. we got to denny's and me and heather were in our pajamas and BATH ROBES and clair had on a tie and maverick was...maverick. amy too, was amy. we got to sit in the cool booth and we ordered drinks and desert and cheese fries and had a fun time. oh yeah, and this guy was all "are you here for a midnight snack?" and heather says, loudly, "we're here for a midnight drink!" because we had origionally planned on only getting drinks. and the guy was all "i hope you mean tea." then i put on amy's glasses and wsa acting like an old lady and we were being retarded. and i was all "i pass on grass.....no....i pass on glass....es" oh yeah! and maverick had gel pens and he wrote "suicide" on his arm and amy was all, "im gonna write...homocide!" so she did. and i was all, "well im gonna write......homo...sexual!!" it was funny, and i actually did. and it's still here. so we left denny's around 230 and got home at almost 3. then we started watching "true romance" and we were all "snuggling" with maverick. LOL, it was hilarious. and i have a huge ass...we can use it as a flotation device apparently. and i was all, "oh great, im gonna be the butt of all the jokes from now on." it was great. there were 5 of us on a queen size bed, it was interesting. then we put in south park and watched jew scouts etc... and chinpokomon. lol, then we just messed around all night...we didnt sleep at all. and i put my hand down maverick's pants...LOL...just kideeeen...me and amy molested maverick and he molested clair and heather. and so it was eventually like 7 o clock and clair got a shower and i was like..on maverick and maverick was on heather and amy was on my feet and it was this big pretzel sort of thing, it was funny. and clair took a picher! then everyone left except for me and maverick and we fell asleep for awhile, i dont know how long. then it wsa 9 o clock and heather had already showered and amy was asleep in my room. i was like "wer di evrbdy go?" and hes like "i dn no" and yeah, heather said it was funny how people talk in the morning. then they all came in and maverick took gandalf home and then my mom came home to "check" on us. then she left again, and maverick came back. then he called his dad and his dad hung up on him...so yeah, his dad is mad. but yeah, it was a fun day. lol. and im a streetwalker/whore/fatass/glasses old lady/i dont know...anyway, that's all for now...heather is still here and clair is probably going to come back again and maybe maverick and gandalf.

everybody in this bitch gettin' tipsy...
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