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08 September 2014 @ 10:26 pm
She'll probably just spend it on crack!  
So I found out how Trailer's night ended today! I feel that is worth a post, just for the pure amusement it will give me some day when I read this.

So they ended up going to another bar after we separated. They being Trailer, the 2 chicks which we'll refer to as older slut and younger slut, and our favorite backwards hat wearing douche, the douche. I guess Trailer and the douche weren't allowed into the next bar because they lacked boobs to flash the bouncers. Luckily the sluts got the bouncers to invite the boys in, after servicing them orally I'm sure. So they got good and wasted in this other bar and flagged down a taxi cab. Apparently the sluts got all over each other, unfortunately the boys did not follow suit. After arriving at some roach inn younger slut and the douche start going at it instantly upon entry into their slimy suite. So Trailer and older slut end up in the pool where she tells him that she won't get with him on the first "date" (because apparently meeting a random in a bar constitutes as a date these days). So after Trailer's dreams are crushed and he undoubtedly is suffering from "shrinkage" they head back into the roach infested hotel room where the douche had likely been finished jacking off into the younger slut 10 minutes earlier. Still not satisfied, the younger slut and the older slut start hooking up on the bed. Poor Trailer is just trying to sleep on one corner of it but ends up getting kicked off, literally. As he drifts off into a drunken slumber, he hears the douche "mixing in" with the sluts. At this point he can't bear the humiliation and slinks out of the motel, holding back the tears. As icing on the cake, he wanders aimlessly in an unfamiliar part of town with a dead cell phone battery until finding a taxi to get him back to safety...talk about a walk of shame!

Work was fun today, I smoked 1000 cigarettes Saturday night so I had my usual nicotine fit of rage around lunch time. Typical Kayla on a Monday scene. Seems the talk of the office was Trailer's famous threesome that never happened. I'm glad I'm happy at work again, even though I'm still annoyed with everyone I realize it's time to accept it. People are annoying, it's a part of life, the sky is blue and people annoy me. Well, that's step 1...acceptance. Now I just need to get over it, thankfully that usually happens very quickly due to my wishy washy-ness.

Dwight returned today and was not an extremely whiny bitch, that was unexpected. Hopefully he got some ass or something while he was on vacation. Anyway, I got to tell him the whole story about this weekend and it was entertaining. After work we went out to have dinner with his mom and sister and her awful baby that hates me. Every time it looks at me it starts crying! They seriously had to put blinders on it so it wouldn't happen. We determined that it was a sign that I should never have children. I think that would be okay. Dwight's family is pretty entertaining, I'm glad I'm not the only person in the world with crazy relatives. Our waitress must have had a crack addiction as she forgot like everything! I decided I wasn't going to leave a good tip because she would probably just spend it on crack, I can't be an enabler. After dinner I took them out on a walk so he could have some alone time in his trashed apartment, there is seriously baby shit everywhere! I know, I'm such an awesome friend/person!

After our walk I came home to lounge about and listen to 90's music, the country phase has passed...for now. I think I actually just got sick of the music and it's time for something new. I have a feeling a "hard rock" or "metal" period is coming but we'll see! I always love the 90's stuff.

I guess we are going out on the town again this weekend! Should prove to be exciting, my hopes are that Anal Guy and I can set up a DP with Dwight and Trailer and some unsuspecting lass. I'm setting the bar pretty high though, I think if I accomplish this I really will be the ultimate hitcher! I'll have to research "how to set up a DP" .... no ... no I shouldn't do that...

-Gossip Lady
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