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07 September 2014 @ 02:39 pm
I Told That Bitch to Make Me A Sandwich.  
I think I have the "hopeless romantic" personality trait. I find that I can easily change from one obsession to another whether it be "people" (no ... it's never people, always men, I've never obsessed over a woman) or dreams. I remember back in high school I had a new life long dream every other day! Anyway, I'm trying not to let the blogging thing become another thing I'm no longer obsessed with.

So where to start, I think where I last left off I was obsessed with getting a new job and making more money. Turns out they went with "another candidate" (probably some stupid political science major trying to develop software). Oh well though, it was disappointing and a relief at the same time, I was kind of nervous to start a job with all that traveling. Things have improved greatly at work anyway as all I had to do was ask for some different work to do.

I recently accomplished another flash in the pan life long dream. I had set out to get a co worker, whom we'll call Trailer Trash Trevor (for the alliteration as well as his trailer park wardrobe) to make me a sandwich. It took about a week, but, finally, on Friday I was presented with my sandwich. I had to split it with Andy so I could make sure it wasn't poisoned. Regardless, life long dream was accomplished.

I had a fun night out last night with Trailer Trash and this old man who's obsessed with anal from work last night. I enjoyed some greasy bar food with the anal guy as we waited for Trailer Trash to finish smoking weed and jacking off to league of legends. I guess he also got lost on his way to downtown Roseville, what an idiot. Anyway, ended up at the Onyx Club like always and it was pretty dead. It was slim pickins' as far as the men went, I did see some real winners though! There was the guy strung out on X doing the robot, the guy from a 90's metal band who was obviously in the wrong city, and of course glasses. I'm sure I could have easily picked someone up but I think I'm closing that chapter of my life. I had my day in the sun sluttin' it up, and it was nice but I don't feel like it anymore. It's just a waste of time, I mean, I like sex and all but it's never worth the drama that's attached to it. I think I'm just going to continue being happy with myself and just let things happen naturally. Like in romantic comedies! Because that's what real life is like.

So Trailer Park and Anal Guy and I headed out to this saloon I've been dying to check out since I moved out here. It was exactly what I expected. I'm going to learn the country dances and get me some cowboy boots and go out there some day, sweet, a new life long dream! They had a live band and it reminded me a lot of home and going out to the bars in Clifton with my mom, the good ole' days before our boyfriends turned in to monsters/husbands. It was nice except Trailer Park needed some frickin' french fries and it took like 3 hours! If the retard would have just met us earlier when we were eating dinner the fry fiasco could have been avoided. Oh well, it allowed for time to go by and the other bar to fill up. Anal and I facilitated a hook up for Trailer Trash, it was actually more fun than if I were going to hook up with someone myself!! At first it was looking like it was going to end up being a 3 some because it's like the first subject the lasses brought up. But then this douche showed up and took the younger one which is good. I think Trailer Park should marry the older one, they would have good looking children. Hopefully I can also facilitate this, maybe it would be more fun than getting married myself? OMG I SHOULD BE SOME KIND OF HITCHER LIKE WILL SMITH!!

I ended up getting a sombrero so I was photo bombing people's pictures, it was a blast! I learned that I can really rock a sombrero, which I bet is not something everyone can say.

Here I am with the douche:




I left my car parked down there so I had to walk down and get it this morning. I like walking around down there, it's nice and I can reflect on how great my life is. I did some drunken facebook stalking last night to fuel my narcissism and boy did it! I love how every person from my "dark past" is a complete loser now. I'm not being a bitch, these people deserve their horrible lives...honestly. It's nice to look back and see where I could have been and compare it to where I am now, it's really one of the best feelings in the world, and it's not something very many people get to experience. I guess I'm thankful for the rough time I went through because it made me the awesome person I am today.

Well, my meat is done marinating now (that's what she said) so I'm going to go cook and maybe start that cooking blog!

-Gossip Lady
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