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12 August 2014 @ 07:12 pm
Just Stop Being A Bitch  
It's day 7 nicotine free! The urge to kill settled in at about 11:30 AM today, an hour later than yesterday. This will be a delightful pattern to endure. The wine in my whiskey glass might just turn to whiskey before long.

Work was obnoxious, still fighting a futile battle with Jboss and Glassfish. Talked to Nike a lot today, it was nice. It's amazing how our friendship has evolved from drunken night out in Boston, to sworn enemies, to friends I suppose. He said I'm very smart (duh) and is rooting for me to get this opportunity, made me feel better because I feel kind of guilty. I shouldn't feel guilty because this is how the world works, what kind of successful business man feels guilt? This is something I should learn to get over ... stat.

Apparently Dwight is suffering from depression, give me a break. There are people out there with real problems who have gone through real shit, someone in a situation like me or him does not deserve to be depressed. We can support ourselves independently and don't have a bunch of accidental mistakes running around; We are free to be who we want. So many people cannot say that. I don't believe in depression anyway, it's just called being a bitch. So I told him to just stop being a bitch and that I'm not sure what the hell his problem is. This is sound advice, I'll be starting my national public speaking tour on this philosophy in the coming months.

So my new suit jacket should arrive tomorrow, I guess this means I get to go shopping after work! I love shopping these days, it's nice to fit in to a slightly larger than average size (and decreasing) and have the money to buy what I want. I have clothes in my closet with the tags still on! So I was confirmed today to have my interview on Monday the 18th from 10 - 12 AM, my shoes should get here Friday so I'll make sure and wear them all weekend so I don't fall and make a fool of myself like the first time I wore high heels to a nightclub. So excited at the possibility of working in a "sky scraper" in a "big city". It's still pretty cool considering where I came from and what I've been through in my life. I've been through shit that would really cause a person to be "depressed"...

Drogie is obsessed with playing fetch with his penguin, it's really getting out of hand. This morning he woke me up and had the penguin. I was trying to cook dinner last night and he kept bringing the penguin into the kitchen and looking at me with "puppy dog" eyes. Yeah .. a cat with puppy dog eyes. He has also thrown the penguin onto the keyboard of my laptop when I was trying work. He's out of control!

Finally completed True Blood today! Fucking Bill didn't want the cure to HEP-V!

-Gossip Lady
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