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13 October 2014 @ 10:50 pm
So I've posted the first part of a chapter in the previous journal entry. It's just the beginning, it took me almost an hour to get that out! I have a newfound respect for authors, it really isn't as easy as it sounds! Please feel free to help me with editing because I'm sure I'm messing up the tenses.

I'm probably going to move all of the actual novel posts elsewhere but I wanted to get something going and my browser was acting retarded. I like this, I think I'll start going to starbucks with my laptop to write the novel over PSL's. In true Basic Bitch fashion. I don't think it is necessarily "Chapter One" my plan is to just write and figure the rest out later. I'm still going to blog because this is where I'll get my material for the novel - oh how exciting! Of course the first chapter I write will be about myself in true narcissistic fashion.

Speaking of fashion! OMG I went to SF this weekend and it was awesome, I am planning to go on a shopping trip up there again with Seagram (if she doesn't flake out) in a couple weeks and then I'll go to the fish market with Grease Head a couple weeks after that. I bought the fastpass preloaded at Costco so I am making that my excuse to cross the bridges of the bay more often. I also will not be able to resist the delicious Indian food that is available there.

Friday night is covered in my "novel post." I had a date last night, it actually went pretty well aside from the guy being way huger than the photos, but he was still mildly attractive. We haven't contacted again today, I think that's okay because he seemed like a stage 5 clinger anyway. As a matter of fact, most of the guys on OKC/POF are stage 5 clingers...uggh... or am I just not really interested in a relationship? I need to ponder this more.

The regional meeting is this week, it feels so much like The Office! I think it's the closest thing to a booze cruise that will happen at this job. I wonder if anyone will profess their love for a co worker. My money's on Ferdinand making a fool of himself to Seagrim. Poor guy is completely friend-zoned and still caters to her every whim. I'll probably get drunk and dance on a table like Meredith would do.

I had a nice walk tonight and got some more tea, I'm really getting into teas it's neat. Anyway, read my fucking novel!

-Gossip Lady
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