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13 October 2014 @ 10:34 pm
"You should really add someone else to your account! It's totally free" said the Costco cashier for the third time.

"No thank you" Kat mumbled as she thought, "yes, I'm fucking single - get over it." Kat felt sorry for the poor Costco cashier who would have to work until she was 75 and probably went home to a trailer park every night after work. After the cashier confirmed that Kat would forever be alone she picked up the 5 gallons of gin and case of tonic water she had come for.

Three hundred dollars later Kat arrived home. Kat had planned on making a fancy meal for Tyrone that evening as reward for showing her the best way use The Internet at work that day and because it was Friday. Kat loves to cook a nice meal on Friday nights. She shared the recipe for Shrimp Bucellini with LJ that afternoon, he childlishly retorted, "Shrimp Bukkake!?" after seeing the recipe title. This was typical of LJ, to put an immature sexual twist on everything innocent in the world. Kat loves when this happens and proceeded to announce to the office she would be preparing Bukakke for Tyrone that evening. After leaving work early she went to get her car detailed and picked up the ingredients for dinner at what had to be the grocery store where the poor people shop.

Kat prepared the restaurant quality meal in between text message exchanges with yet another online dater who wanted to interact way too much after talking to her for only one day. She was going to meet him for coffee that Sunday evening, he was definitely going to be a hipster. Kat thought low of hipsters. Kat thought low of human kind in general.

After throwing the shrimp dish that took three times longer to prepare than expected into a plastic container for transport, Kat grabbed her pack of Camel menthols and headed out the door. She was trying to quit smoking but not this month. She barged into Tyrone's apartment in true "Kramer" fashion as she always does and announced she had out done herself this time. They complained about life and criticized everyone at work over the delicious meal and cheap red wine that Kat had left sitting on Tyrone's dining table weeks ago. After dinner they played one of Tyrone's free video games he had downloaded from The Internet. Tyrone was very much a computer geek and grew up wearing masking tape on his glasses. The first thing he did after getting a good paying job was pay for Lasik surgery so he could repress the memories of the masking tape on his glasses. Kat enjoyed bringing this up constantly and laughing at him about it. Kat liked Tyrone because he could handle the ridicule and usually joined in.

Kat headed home after they had won the cheaply made video game and went to bed. She was going to San Fransisco the next day.
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