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17 August 2014 @ 09:53 am
I dunno about you...  
But I'm feelin' 22!

Lol, not really but it's such a catchy tune!

Anyway, I guess it was time for another post so here we are. I had my second date with Jason, I don't think there's going to be another one. There's nothing wrong with him, I just think I don't want to date anyone, it's too much to deal with, another person that you have to spend time with? Who wants to do that, the cats are already draining me. I mean really though, it's a lot of trouble to get yourself in to, starting a relationship with another person - I just don't want to have to care about any one else right now, I'm too important.

So I now have to come up with a very nice way of letting this guy down, because, despite my outer shell of hatred and discontent for other humans, I don't want to hurt any one. I think I'm going to just pull out the ol' it's not you it's me, this is actually true though! This is a big step for me emotionally though, typically in the past I would just date any body. So yay me, for being awesome.

Thursday night was a lot of fun, it was the same night as my date but I decided to hit up Doug's DP (Bill Lumbergh had organized a drinking night at the Diamond Plate but I like to call it the DP for obvious reasons). I stopped by for a beer to calm my nerves before the date. I received some great comments from my co workers, such as "wait until the 3rd date!" and "do not act like yourself at all!" It was really funny, I would really miss all of them. I decided yesterday that if I do end up leaving I don't want a farewell lunch, I would want a farewell night out at the DP, the title of the meeting has to be "Kayla's DP."

So after the bad date and the DP, I head back to The Ridge and decided to go meet Thomas's mother and tell them about the bad date. She's very southron. It was pretty entertaining and I will make sure and share the stories about how he wet the bed until he was 18 with the rest of our co-workers, whether the stories are true or not.

Friday was hectic at work, for a Friday. I was the only person on our team working that day so I had to handle all the crazy government clients that our boss usually deals with. Guess they couldn't figure out how to shut down a program and called for help. At least they called this time, instead of sending a "screenshot" which was really a picture of a computer monitor taken on a 90's era flip phone. I went out to lunch with Chetan that day, it was really nice. We discussed the current uprising in the office and my new opportunity, he thinks I should go for it just because of having that company's name on my Resume. We'll see, I would have to drive 30 minutes to work every day so they money has to be worth it.

Instead of planning a date with this Travis guy that I keep blowing off from OKCupid (I don't know if I'll ever go on a date after the whole Jason experience) I looked up some bars in the area for Thomas and I to take his mom to after work. Found a nice looking place that looked cheap because of Thomas's Jewish heritage. So I went out there and the GPS took me to a country club!? I was like "this did not look like a country club on the internet!" This is definitely why I should not be tasked with setting up a date, I would probably end up finding some Chuck-E cheese disguised as a bar on the internet. The country club was actually okay, we found some white shorts and a pink shirt for Thomas but he wouldn't try it on.

We also went to Lake Tahoe yesterday, it was a pretty lake aside from the Bear infestation. I got to have some BBQ for lunch which was great because I hadn't eaten BBQ since I was in Texas! I, of course, got the "'bama style" sandwich because of my love for Alabamy. The water was freezing and everyone had boats, I guess you need to be a boat person to go to Lake Tahoe. Thomas complained about everything the whole time, I laughed about it the whole time, was a typical day. We saw this car that had a bunch of chinese take out just sitting on the dashboard and it reminded us of Trevor, it was actually quite funny.


So I have tomorrow off of work for my big interview! I'm going to go shopping today and then spend the day wearing my witches' shoes and cooking/cleaning so I can "break them in."

-Gossip Lady
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